5 ways to add variety to your jewellery


Tradition of adoring oneself with jewellery is 5000 years old in India. As per current fashion trends, everyone wants to look their best everyday and no better way to do it than adding a little more variety to your jewellery collection. In India, jewellery is made to match the attire. Its theme and color is taken into consideration before making the jewellery. But it is also a very difficult decision to make when it comes to adding more variety to your jewellery collection. Let us help you make this decision. 

 Shine with trendy earrings

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Women can never have enough earrings to match their dresses. If you are attending college or working, a lady needs different pairs of earrings to match with their outfit everyday. Owning different earrings can add style and oomph to your outfit. It makes a women look graceful and also makes you feel beautiful. 

If you own more of studs, try something new with the dangling earrings. If you have long hair, dangling earrings go perfectly with your outfit, be it skirt, dress or even traditional dresses. 


Variety of Rings

 Rings are pretty much in fashion these days. Ladies love to wear different styles and patterns of rings as per the occasion. There are many fashionable rings available with wonderful designs and patterns which also comes in a mix of gold and rose gold to choose from.

 Gold is the metal variety which is used maximum in jewellery making. But there is an increase trend in Platinum and Silver Jewellery as well. You can add variety to your jewellery by adding a few silver rings or earrings for daily use. 




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White gold or Rose Gold mixed with Yellow Gold are also pretty popular choices when it comes to adding variety. Many such earrings and pendants are available online to choose from. Addition of Pearls necklace or earrings is also a good option to add to your collection if you don’t own one yet. You could try out Emerald/Panna rings if they suit your taste


Show off with Pendants

 Pendants are a good addition to your jewellery collection. Select pendants which you can change and wear as per your choice or as per the occasion. If you own big ones, try the ones which are little smaller or probably which has more detailing.




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Gemstones – the growing trend

 Gemstones can be a good addition to your jewellery as they are known to help you prosper in health and wealth. Gemstones are quite a trend to watch out for.




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 Customized Jewellery



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This kind of jewellery is a big trend amongst all age group these days. People get it made for themselves or use this idea for gifting purposes. Customized jewellery gives total freedom to customers about the specifics. 

 A few more choices to add are Silver Jewellery, Meenakari Jewellery, Ruby Ring, Yellow Sapphire/yellow sapphire Ring, Blue Sapphire ring, Kundan, Jadau or Lac Jewellery. There is a huge variety of Jewellery category to choose from. These are all traditional kinds and very popular and trending in social gatherings. The more variety you have, more heads will be turned to admire the beauties that you wear. 


5 ways to get minimalist jewelry right

Coco Chanel says it best - ‘Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.’ Sometimes the best way to look as chic as ever is to keep jewelry to a bare minimum.

Recently, a change has come in the sort of jewelry that people have been wearing. Choosing jewelry for an outfit is stressful for me. When I am packing for a trip, I put it off for as long as I can. It's not that I don't have enough or that I don't like what I have, I just don't enjoy trying to decide what to carry that suits every occasion. So I decided why not go jewelry-less for a while and see which outfits need finishing....and maybe I can pick rings or necklaces or earrings that are my signature pieces and which I can wear anywhere and with everything.

And this time I didn’t waste my time to hunt for that one glamorous necklace or a pair of shoulder grazing earrings. I just picked a few delicate pieces that will do the trick. Luckily, these stunning pieces have become easier to find, and are more affordable than ever.

If you’re thinking that dainty jewelry is boring, then you’re highly mistaken. I am revealing some of my favorite pieces, as well as creative tricks to help you update your style statement to meek and classy.



Impact of Budget 2016 on Jewellery Industry

As the wedding season continues, we see people shifting focus from purchasing jewellery shops to online shopping. One major reason is the ease of shopping from the comfort of your home and variety available online. If you have a wedding coming up and jewellery shopping is pending, do not be affected by the ‘Indefinite Bandh’ of the Jewellery shops. Simply buy online!

The Union Budget 2016

Known to be the most expensive amendment ever, the Union Budget of 2016 seems to have disappointed the public in general, but when it comes to Jewellery and Gems Industry, no one is happy either.

Many had high hopes from the Union Budget of 2016 and expected a cut in the import duty but instead were hit by an additional excise duty tax of 1%. Well, the government had tried to do it in 2012 as well, but had to withdraw it, as it was not accepted then as well. We hope for some beneficial solution this time from our leaders.



March – Gem of the month- Aquamarine.

How do gems affect your lifestyle?

Wearing a gemstone has been a trendy and a debatable for many years. Although we have seen many lives being reversed and personalities like Amitabh Bachchan rise from the ashes like a phoenix to achieve the pinnacle of success. He is seen wearing gemstones in his fingers. Do they really work? Well, no one can say for sure, but many have seen the miracles of it and choose to believe it.

How does it work?

For the purpose of understanding, let’s take an example. In the horoscopes of some individuals, the Jupiter remains, weak, hence to balance it out, the gemstone of sapphire may be required to wear. Similarly, Saturn is also a very strong planet. If balanced out correctly, it can give great results. Gemstones are the most natural means of transmitting color waves to our body. Once it is worn, it should not be removed and it should always touch the skin to transmit energy.



Jewellery & human psychology

What makes women desire customized jewellery?

“My husband gifted me which a bracelet which was engraved with our wedding date, it has become extremely special to me and more precious then anything else”, said one of the people we asked about owning a customized jewellery. A gift that involved customized jewellery are passed on for generations to come and leave a lasting legacy of sorts.

What makes customized jewellery so special?

Some psychological studies show that women are drawn towards shiny, colourful and bright ornaments. Since gems and stones are a part of nature, it has more importance, the rarer it is, it becomes more important. Same goes for customized jewellery. Since its imprinted, its rare and unique and extremely personal to them.